Perfect Weather, Fast Boats, Nice People

Results and Rankings

We have had no official events yet.

Soon we will post results from 2013 and 2014

This is how the proposed ranking system would work.

The M32CRA will approach event organisers to offer Melges 32 One Design Racing. The specifics of what will need to happen for an event to be an official M32CRA ranking points events is yet to be finalised. Watch this space for new developments.

The proposed race season is from Mid October to Mid June.

  • If we do up to 3 events, they all count
  • if we do 4 events the best 3 count
  • If we do 5  or 6 events, the best 4 count
  • If we do 7 or 8 events , the best 5 counts
  • If we do 9 or more events, the best 6 count

Ranking points:
Ranking points are earned by participating in the Ranking Points Events according to this system:

  • 1 point for participating
  • 1 point for every boat you beat
  • 1 extra point for winning the event if there are 3 or more boats