Perfect Weather, Fast Boats, Nice People

Smile and Wave

Smile and Wave

Ripping downwind at the wet and wild BVI Spring Regatta – 2014

The Smile and Wave Sailing Team started on a Beneteau First 40 in 2010. A few team members had no sailing experience  when they joined the team while others knew how to sail and that was it. A few (very) had lots of racing experience. We work hard at getting better and most times egos are left on the dock. The team has thrived because we understand that we sail for fun while trying to win, not the other way around. Having the world class teammate/coach Marty Kullman onboard contributed wonders to our rapid improvement while keeping the whole vibe of sailing together fun.

It took two years, lots moving around and quite a few races for us to realize that there was little that we loved more than racing. Lugging around a cruising boat interior was not the most fun way to go racing. We started looking around for an alternative boat in 2012.

When the Melges 32 class announced a Caribbean series for 2013 it was easy to decide that the new ride would was to be a Melges 32. Dawn Raid, bow #40 was purchased second hand in Fort Lauderdale and our One Design Keelboat adventure began. It was the best sailing decision we could have made.

Fun, fast, strong, durable boat; world class competition; affordable pricing… that is a combo that is hard to beat.


Jaime Torres – owner/driver
Marty Kullman – tactician/main trimmer/coach
Riccardo Papa – tactician/main trimmer
Carlos Sierra – trimmer
Henry Barroso – trimmer
Miguel Beltran – Offside trimmer
George Polish – Pit/Magic Repairs
Yoyo Berrios – Mast/Engine and Electronics
Meg Hislop – Mast/videographer/photographer/online editor
Gretchen Ortiz – Bow/Boat Captain
Enrique Febregas – Shore support
Almaliz Acevedo – Shore support/funding